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1,000+ Questions & Answers

1,000+ Questions & Model Answers Which Are Assessor Verified And Updated for 2024 

Example Submission Documents & Case Studies 

4 Example Submission Documents & Case Studies Used By Successful Candidates

APC Diary Template

Comes With Free APC Diary Template To Track Competencies 

Searchable PDF & Word Formats

The Guide Is delivered In Searchable PDF & Word Formats That Allow Customisation To Your Own Experience

Fast Track Delivery

All Course Material is Issued Immediately To An E-mail Address Of The Buyers Choice

Assessor Verified

All Model Answers Come Assessor Verified With 2024 Covering Latest Hot Topics

Core Topics

Mandatory Topics

Video Tutorials & Mock Interview Access 


Q) How long will dispatch take and when will I receive the Guide?

A) The guide is issued by fast track link immediately to an e-mail address of the buyers choice. You will have guaranteed access to the Guide and Learning materials within 5 minutes of purchase.

Q) How many questions are covered in the guide?

A) Over 1,000 Interview Questions and Model Answers are provided which are assessor verified. There are over 600 pages of learning materials and new video mock interviews and tutorials are added every week. 

Q) What format is the guide provided in?

A) The study guide is provided in PDF and Word formats so this is searchable and allows customisation to your own experience.

Q) What topics are covered in the Video Tutorials?

A) Mock Interview Videos specific to the QS pathway are included along with step by step guides of completing the summary of experience documentation,  guidance on interview technique, case study and presentation tips. New Video Tutorials are added to the course every week. 

Q) Will I receive ongoing APC support?

A) Yes if you have any APC related queries, please post these in the comments section of our video tutorials and we will come back to you within 24 hours. 


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